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This is the quest to allow your clan to reach level three. You will need to kill five raid bosses and then take the blood of each of them to Trader Woodrow.
Text instructions are shown above the related image.

Rahha is at Gorgon's Flower Garden, you can reach it by walking from the Northeast exits of Giran.

Bloody Empress Decarbia is just North of the Forbidden Gateway.

Ghost of the Well Lidia is in a lower area after the third room from the Abandoned Coal Mines North entrance.

Witch Wimere is in a back area below the Bridge in DVC, you can acess it by going to the DVC left port.

Dark Amber is just before the DVC heart, you will need a decent group to reach and defeat her.

Once you get all the blood of these five bosses you take it to Trader Woodrow in Giran to receive the Proof of Blood.

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