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What is Ancient Adena?

Ancient Adena is used to purchase the items from the Blacksmith of Mammon and the Merchant of Mammon.

How do I get Ancient Adena?

In order to get Ancient Adena, you must exchange Seal Stones at the Dusk Priestess.

There are three types of seal stones.

Blue Green Red

Collecting Seal Stones

Seal stones can be found in three hunting zones which are Dragon Valley Cave, Giants Cave and School of Dark Arts.

Dragon Valley Cave is a good place for group up and farming in medium to large size groups.

Giants Cave is good if you are lower level, and also if you are a mage as the mobs in Giants Cave are weaker to magic attacks.

School of Dark Arts has two sections for Seal Stone farming. The Upper part is good for soloing at level 80, the mobs only drop and spoil Blue Seal Stones, but they do at 100%. The lower area and Northern side, the mobs drop all three types of Seal Stones and the monster are for stonger players to solo or if you like to duo.

Exchanging Seal Stones for Ancient Adena

You exchange your Seal Stones for Ancient Adena at the Dusk Prestess.

The Dusk Prestess can be found in many of the major towns.
The most popular place is in Giran Castle Town.

The Seal Stone color effects the exchange value.

One Blue Seal Stone is worth 3 Ancient Adena.
One Green Seal Stone is worth 5 Ancient Adena.
One Red Seal Stone is worth 10 Ancient Adena.

When you exchange your Seal Stones for Ancient Adena you will notice that it will auto exchange all your Blue Seal Stones, Green Seal Stones and Red Seal Stones to Ancient Adena.

Also there is a 500 adena transaction fee for each time you exchange your Seal Stones for Ancient Adena.

Click on which type of Seal Stones you wish you exchange, they will be listed in amounts of Ancient Adena.

You can stock up on Seal Stones and exchange them in huges amounts

But you many wish to exchange them everytime you return from farming.

You are limited to 2,147,483,647 Ancient Adena, Blue Seal Stones, Green Seal Stones and Red Seal Stones.

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