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What is a PK Pardon?
A pkp is number that lowers your "ingame" pk value without changing the number of PKs u have. If u have 5 pk and 3 pkp, your ingame pk will display 2 pks but your server side stats says u have 5pks. If u have 5pks and 10 pkp it will display u have like -5 pks ingame.

How does the PK Pardon System work?

  • Ingame Time for Players
    Updated: Saturday, July 19th 2008
    To make it easier for kids with big PK you will now get 1 pkp for every hour you clock ingame. Your char must be level 80 to get pkp.

  • Level 5 clans.
    Updated: Thursday, April 10th 2008
    The clan pkp has now been changed number of hours for each pkp based on clan population 1-19 member 24 hours for each pkp, 20-39 members 48hours for each pkp, 40-59 24hours for each pkp, 60-79 18hours for each pkp, 80+ members 12hour for each pkp.

    Also the number of active member effects the time needed. An "active member" is a person who has over 24 hours ingame time, level 80, and has logged in once in the last 14 days. (pkp clan time - (active members * 216)) for the added bonus, which makes the time number less, which allows the clan members to more pkps if they have more active members.

  • Castle PK Pardons
    Updated: Tuesday, March 18th 2008
    The active member pkp number which works in clans, also works with your castle pkp aswell. Which is (castle pkp time - (active members * 216)). If u had 25 active members it in aden castle it would be (25*216) = 5400 then 86400-5400 = 81000, with a lower numer the number of pkps you get will be higher. 12960000/86400 = 150 pkp, with a new system with active you get 12960000/81000 160.

    Updated: Thursday, April 10th 2008
    The Active period has been lowered from 72 hours to 24 hours to make it easier for newer players. Also all members who are in a castle will get another 1 pkp for every 8hours ingame of clocked ingame time for there own char.

What is the max number of PK Pardons I can get?

Can I get negative PK Pardons?
At this time, No, we will have it setup so, if u have 5pks and your pkp bouns gives you 20pkp, you will only get 5 pkp.

When will PK Pardons be updated?
They will be reset on normal auto restarts.

If I quit my clan, or lose a castle do I lose the those PK Pardons?
Yes, if you leave the clan or lose the castle you lose the PK Pardons. The added PK Pardons are based on clan and castle.

Do you remove, delete or reset PKs?

How many PKs can u get?

If you pked 1,000 players a day it would take over 5,883 years to get that many PKs.
The PKs per day is capped at 32,767, and It would take more then 65,538 days to get that many.

You can find more information on the forums here: PK Pardon.

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