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Our Teamspeak 3 IP is: No Password. Uses default the port, 9987. You should not need to enter it.

Setup and Install Teamspeak 3:

You will need to the Teamspeak 3 client, if you do not have it already download it.
Text instructions are shows below there related image.

Downloads for Teamspeak 3:

Client 32-bit for Windows here.
Client 64-bit for Windows here.

If you have another OS or wish to download from the offical site click here. Link Opens in a new tab or window.

If you are doing a fresh download and install of Teamspeak 3 it is most likely that it will prompt you for an update after you installed it or while connecting to a server for the first time. It is recommended that you update your Teamspeak 3 client. The update size, download and install time may vary.

Guide will be added later.

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