Illicit Awakening
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Abyss Hunter of Dark ArtsSchool of Dark Arts77
Amber BasiliskExecution Grounds30
Amon's Captain of the GuardsTower of Insolence80
AntAnts Nest80
Ant CaptainAnts Nest80
Ant GuardAnts Nest80
Ant LarvaAnts Nest80
Ant OverseerAnts Nest80
Ant PatrolAnts Nest80
Ant RecruitAnts Nest80
Ant SoldierAnts Nest80
Ant Warrior CaptainAnts Nest80
AntharasAntharas's Nest80
Archer of AbyssTower of Insolence75
Archer of Dark ArtsSchool of Dark Arts80
Archer of DespairTower of Insolence71
BaiumTower of Insolence80
Baraq Orc FighterElven Fortress10
Baraq Orc Warrior LeaderElven Fortress11
BarifGiants Cave64
Barif's PetGiants Cave61
Bathin's KnightTower of Insolence72
Bathin's WizardTower of Insolence72
Berserker of Dark ArtsSchool of Dark Arts79
Blader of DespairTower of Insolence72
Bloody ArcherDragon Valley Cave80
Bloody BansheeDragon Valley Cave80
Bloody BladerDragon Valley Cave80
Bloody CardinalDragon Valley Cave80
Bloody GuardianDragon Valley Cave80
Bloody KeeperDragon Valley Cave79
Bloody KnightDragon Valley Cave80
Bloody LadyDragon Valley Cave60
Bloody LivionaDragon Valley Cave79
Bloody LordDragon Valley Cave80
Bloody MysticDragon Valley Cave78
Bloody QueenForbidden Gateway60
Bloody QueenDragon Valley60
Bloody ScoutDragon Valley Cave80
Bloody SentinelDragon Valley Cave80
Bloody SlayerDragon Valley Cave80
Bloody SniperDragon Valley Cave78
Bloody SuccubusDragon Valley Cave80
Bound ShamanTower of Insolence80
Brae Orc ArcherSchool of Dark Arts80
Brae Orc ChiefSchool of Dark Arts80
Brae Orc FighterSchool of Dark Arts80
CarinkainForest of Mirrors45
Cave ArcherCave of Trials80
Cave BeastDragon Valley Cave62
Cave BerserkerCave of Trials80
Cave HorrorCave of Trials80
Cave HowlerDragon Valley Cave70
Cave KeeperDragon Valley58
Cave KnightCave of Trials80
Cave LienrikCave of Trials80
Cave Lienrik LadCave of Trials80
Cave MaidenDragon Valley59
Cave RakulCave of Trials80
Cave ServantDragon Valley46
Cave Servant ArcherDragon Valley47
Cave Servant CaptainDragon Valley49
Cave Servant GeneralDragon Valley63
Cave Servant WarriorDragon Valley48
Cave SoliderCave of Trials80
Cave TarantulaCave of Trials80
Coal ArcherAbandoned Coal Mines80
Coal BansheeAbandoned Coal Mines80
Coal BeastAbandoned Coal Mines80
Coal HorrorAbandoned Coal Mines80
Coal HowlerAbandoned Coal Mines80
Coal KarikAbandoned Coal Mines80
Coal KarinnessAbandoned Coal Mines80
Coal LadyAbandoned Coal Mines80
Conjurer Bat Blazing Swamp80
Conjurer Bat LordBlazing Swamp80
CoreCruma Tower80
Corrupt SageTower of Insolence74
CrendionTower of Insolence72
Crimson DrakeForbidden Gateway61
Crypt ArchonSchool of Dark Arts80
Cursed GuardianBlazing Swamp80
Dark KnightCruma Tower59
Dark LordCruma Tower60
Dark TerrorElven Fortress16
Dead SeekerExecution Grounds34
Death KnightCruma Tower58
Death WaveDragon Valley Cave64
Demon TempestExecution Grounds38
DicorCruma Tower55
Dire WyrmSea of Spores80
Doom KnightForbidden Gateway65
DrakeDragon Valley57
Dre Vanul BeholderElven Fortress21
Dre Vanul SlayerElven Fortress22
Dre Vanul TrackerElven Fortress20
Dread SoldierElven Fortress14
DryadStarter Area9
Dryad ElderStarter Area10
Dungeon SkeletonElven Fortress12
Dungeon Skeleton ArcherElven Fortress13
Dustwind GargoyleDragon Valley53
Elder Red KeltirStarter Area2
Emo ArcherTower of Insolence74
Emo LadyTower of Insolence75
Emo MaidTower of Insolence74
Erin EdiunceTower of Insolence76
ExcuroCruma Tower42
Fairy Queen TiminielEnchanted Vally80
FalibatiForbidden Gateway64
Fang Spider of Dark ArtsSchool of Dark Arts80
Fettered SoulDeath Pass38
FlineEnchanted Vally70
Fline ElderEnchanted Vally76
Forest RunnerEnchanted Vally75
Forrest of Mirrors GhostForest of Mirrors46
Forrest of Mirrors GhostForest of Mirrors47
Forrest of Mirrors GhostForest of Mirrors48
GamlinGiants Cave60
Ghastly WarriorTower of Insolence71
Ghost of the TowerTower of Insolence70
GhoulExecution Grounds32
Giant FungusSea of Spores80
Giant MonstereyeSea of Spores80
Glow WispBlazing Swamp80
Granite GolemExecution Grounds33
Grave Robber KimCave of Trials80
Gray WolfStarter Area4
Green DryadStarter Area5
Guardian AngelTower of Insolence80
Guardian ArchangelTower of Insolence80
Guardian BasiliskDeath Pass36
Guardian of Dark ArtsSchool of Dark Arts75
Guardian Warrior of ElmoredenTower of Insolence73
HalingkaGiants Cave55
Hallate's CommanderTower of Insolence77
Hallate's Follower MulTower of Insolence78
Hallate's GuardianTower of Insolence79
Hallate's InspectorTower of Insolence78
Hallate's KnightTower of Insolence75
Hallate's MaidTower of Insolence76
Hallate's Royal GuardTower of Insolence73
Hallate's WarriorTower of Insolence74
Hames Orc FootmanBlazing Swamp80
Hames Orc OverlordBlazing Swamp80
Hames Orc ScoutBlazing Swamp80
Hames Orc ShamanBlazing Swamp80
Hames Orc SniperBlazing Swamp80
HamrutGiants Cave58
Hangman TreeExecution Grounds35
Harit LizardmanForest of Mirrors50
Harit Lizardman ArcherForest of Mirrors52
Harit Lizardman GruntForest of Mirrors51
Harit Lizardman MatriarchForest of Mirrors55
Harit Lizardman ShamanForest of Mirrors54
Harit Lizardman WarriorForest of Mirrors53
Headless KnightDragon Valley50
Horror of Dark ArtsSchool of Dark Arts80
Hound Dog of HallateTower of Insolence73
Humming of Dark ArtsSchool of Dark Arts77
Hunter GargoyleDragon Valley52
Judge of MarshBlazing Swamp80
KadiosForbidden Gateway62
KarikDragon Valley Cave77
KirunakElven Fortress23
Kirunak's GuardsElven Fortress21
Knight of Dark ArtsSchool of Dark Arts78
KranrotGiants Cave59
KratorCruma Tower48
Lava WyrmBlazing Swamp80
LeogulGiants Cave61
Lesser Giant ElderGiants Cave65
Lesser Giant MageGiants Cave64
Lesser Giant ScoutGiants Cave63
Lesser Giant ShooterGiants Cave63
Lesser Giant SoldierGiants Cave62
LieleEnchanted Vally71
Liele ElderEnchanted Vally77
Limal KarinnessDragon Valley Cave76
Limal of Dark ArtsSchool of Dark Arts76
Lord IshkaDragon Valley66
Magus ValacTower of Insolence80
Malex Herald Of DagonielCave of Trials80
Malodorous ZombieSchool of Dark Arts80
Malruk BerserkerDragon Valley Cave74
Malruk KnightDragon Valley Cave72
Malruk LordDragon Valley Cave75
Malruk SoldierDragon Valley Cave66
Malruk SuccubusDragon Valley55
Malruk Succubus TurenDragon Valley56
Mandragora BlossomExecution Grounds25
Mandragora SaplingExecution Grounds23
Mandragora SproutExecution Grounds21
Mandragora SproutExecution Grounds20
Marsh PredatorBlazing Swamp80
Messenger AngelTower of Insolence80
Miner of the Undead BerserkerAbandoned Coal Mines80
Miner of the Undead KnightAbandoned Coal Mines80
Miner of the Undead LordAbandoned Coal Mines80
Miner of the Undead SoldierAbandoned Coal Mines80
MirrorForest of Mirrors49
Mist TerrorElven Fortress15
MordeoCruma Tower44
Neer CrawlerExecution Grounds28
Neer Ghoul BerserkerExecution Grounds29
Nightmare LordSchool of Dark Arts80
Noble AntAnts Nest80
Noble Ant LeaderAnts Nest80
Omen BeastSchool of Dark Arts80
OrfenSea of Spores80
PalioteGiants Cave57
PerumCruma Tower56
PlandoDragon Valley Cave68
Platinum Guardian ArcherTower of Insolence80
Platinum Guardian ChiefTower of Insolence80
Platinum Guardian PrefectTower of Insolence80
Platinum Guardian ShamanTower of Insolence80
Platinum Tribe ArcherTower of Insolence78
Platinum Tribe OverlordTower of Insolence80
Platinum Tribe ShamanTower of Insolence80
Platinum Tribe SoldierTower of Insolence77
Platinum Tribe WarriorTower of Insolence79
PortaCruma Tower40
Preacher of DoomCave of Trials80
PremoCruma Tower52
PytanDragon Valley Cave69
Pytan KnightDragon Valley Cave68
Queen AntAnts Nest80
Raid Boss - Agent of Beres, MeanaUndefinded80
Raid Boss - AnakimOracle of Dawn80
Raid Boss - Anakim's Nemesis ZakaronUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Ancient Weird DrakeDragon Valley80
Raid Boss - Antharas Priest CloeUndefinded80
Raid Boss - ApepiCave of Trials80
Raid Boss - AtraibanAbandoned Coal Mines80
Raid Boss - BarionSchool of Dark Arts80
Raid Boss - Beast Lord BehemothDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Boss - Biconne of Blue SkyUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Bloody Empress DecarbiaForbidden Gateway80
Raid Boss - Bloody Priest RudeltoDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Boss - Breka Warlock PastuUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Brian PeppersOutside School of Dark Arts80
Raid Boss - Brian PeppersGROutside School of Dark Arts80
Raid Boss - Captain of Red Flag ShakaUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Carnage Lord GatoUndefinded80
Raid Boss - CarnamakosUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Cat's Eye BanditUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Chertuba of Great SoulUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Crazy Mechanic GolemUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Cronos's Servitor MumuUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Cursed ClaraUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Dark AmberDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Boss - Death Lord HallateUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Death Lord IposUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Death Lord ShaxCave of Trials80
Raid Boss - Demon KurikupsDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Boss - Doom Blade TanatosUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Dragon GuyUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Earth Protector PanathenUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Elf RenoaUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Enchanted Forest Watcher RuellUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Eva's Guardian MillenuDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Boss - Fafurion's Page SikaUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Fierce Tiger King AngelFrozen Waterfalls80
Raid Boss - Fire of Wrath ShurielUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Flame Lord ShadarUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Furious ThielesUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Gargoyle Lord TiphonUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Ghost of Peasant LeaderUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Ghost of the Well LidiaAbandoned Coal Mines80
Raid Boss - Giant CaterpillarForbidden Gateway80
Raid Boss - Giant MarpanakGiants Cave80
Raid Boss - Giant TigerUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Greyclaw KutusUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Harit Hero TamashForest of Mirrors80
Raid Boss - HatosGiants Cave80
Raid Boss - Hekaton PrimeGiants Cave80
Raid Boss - Icarus Sample 1Undefinded80
Raid Boss - IkuntaiSchool of Dark Arts80
Raid Boss - Iron Giant TotemUndefinded80
Raid Boss - KarteCave of Trials80
Raid Boss - Katu Mercenary BossUndefinded80
Raid Boss - KernonUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Ketra Van Leader AtuiUndefinded80
Raid Boss - King TarlkUndefinded80
Raid Boss - KorimUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Langk Matriarch RashkosUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Last Lesser Giant GlakiGiants Cave80
Raid Boss - Last Lesser Giant OlkuthGiants Cave80
Raid Boss - Leader of Cat GangUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Leto Chief TalkinUndefinded80
Raid Boss - LilithOracle of Dusk80
Raid Boss - Lilith's Witch MarilionUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Lizardmen Leader HellionForest of Mirrors80
Raid Boss - Longhorn GolkondaUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Malruk's Witch SekinaUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Messenger of Fairy Queen BerunUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Nightmare DrakeDragon Valley80
Raid Boss - ObserverAnts Nest80
Raid Boss - Pagan Watcher CerberonUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Palibati Queen ThemisForbidden Gateway80
Raid Boss - Pan DryadUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Partisan Leader TalakinUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Princess MolrangUndefinded80
Raid Boss - RagramanUndefinded80
Raid Boss - RahhaGorgon's Flower Garden80
Raid Boss - Refugee Hopeful LeoUndefinded80
Raid Boss - RemmelUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Retreat Spider CletuUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Roaring Lord KastorUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Roaring SkylancerDragon Valley80
Raid Boss - Rotten Tree RepiroUndefinded80
Raid Boss - SebekUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Sejarr's ServitorUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Serpent Demon BifronsUndefinded80
Raid Boss - ShacramNorthern Immortal Plateau80
Raid Boss - Shaman King SeluNorthern Immortal Plateau80
Raid Boss - Shilen's Messenger CabrioUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Sorcerer IsirrUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Soul Collector AcheronUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Soulless Wild BoarNorthern Giran Territory80
Raid Boss - Spirit of Andras, the BetrayerUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Stakato Queen ZyrnnaUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Storm Winged NagaUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Taik High Prefect ArakUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Taik Orc Chief RangerUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Tasaba Patriarch HellenaUndefinded80
Raid Boss - The 3rd Underwater GuardianUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Tiger King KarutaUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Timak Seer RagothUndefinded80
Raid Boss - TirakUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Unicorn PanielElven Forest80
Raid Boss - Unrequited KaelUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Vanor Chief KandraUndefinded80
Raid Boss - VerfaDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Boss - Vermilion, Blood TreeUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Vuku Grand Seer GharmashUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Warden of the Execution Ground, GuilotineUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Water Couatle AtekaUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Witch WimereDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Boss - Wizard of Storm TerukUndefinded80
Raid Boss - Zaken's Butcher KrantzFrozen Valley80
Raid Boss - Zombie Lord CrowlUndefinded80
Raid Fighter - Atraiban's DiscipleAbandoned Coal Mines80
Raid Fighter - Atraiban's Top DiscipleAbandoned Coal Mines80
Raid Fighter - Barion's GruntSchool of Dark Arts80
Raid Fighter - Behemoth JavelinerDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Fighter - Dark Mage's of BarionUndefinded80
Raid Fighter - Devil Blader of ChaosDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Fighter - Fanatic ShamanNorthern Immortal Plateau80
Raid Fighter - Ikuntai's ServitorUndefinded80
Raid Fighter - Karte's Chief KnightCave of Trials80
Raid Fighter - Karte's Royal GuardCave of Trials80
Raid Fighter - Kurikups' WifeDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Fighter - Lidia's ArcherAbandoned Coal Mines80
Raid Fighter - Lidia's FighterAbandoned Coal Mines80
Raid Fighter - Mellenu Guard WarriorDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Fighter - Millenu Guard ShamanDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Fighter - Nightmare BeastDragon Valley80
Raid Fighter - Pawn of IkuntaiSchool of Dark Arts80
Raid Fighter - Pet of SkylancerDragon Valley80
Raid Fighter - Rudelto's BansheeDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Fighter - Rudelto's Dre VanulDragon Valley Cave80
Raid Fighter - Themis's SentinelForbidden Gateway80
Raid Guardian - Bloody ArcherDragon Valley Cave80
Red KeltirStarter Area1
Revenant of Sir CalibusExecution Grounds40
Revenant of The ExecutedExecution Grounds37
RicenseoCruma Tower46
Road ScavengerDeath Pass37
Rotting GolemSea of Spores80
Rotting treeSea of Spores80
Royal Cave ServantDragon Valley51
Ruin BatRuins of Despair20
Ruin ImpRuins of Despair17
Ruin Imp ElderRuins of Despair21
SatyrEnchanted Vally72
Satyr ElderEnchanted Vally78
Scavenger BatRuins of Despair18
Seal AngelTower of Insolence80
Seal ArchangelTower of Insolence80
Seer of HallateTower of Insolence70
ShackleDragon Valley45
Shade HorrorElven Fortress17
Shield SkeletonRuins of Despair15
Skeleton InfantrymanRuins of Despair16
Skeleton of Dark ArtsSchool of Dark Arts78
Slaughter BathinTower of Insolence73
SnipeCruma Tower50
Snipe CohortCruma Tower49
Sorrow MaidenExecution Grounds27
SoullessSchool of Dark Arts80
SpecterExecution Grounds26
Spider of Dark ArtsSchool of Dark Arts80
Spore FungusStarter Area8
Spore ZombieSea of Spores80
Squire of CalibusExecution Grounds39
StrainExecution Grounds31
Sukar WereratElven Fortress18
Sukar Wererat LeaderElven Fortress19
Taik OrcForest of Mirrors40
Taik Orc ArcherForest of Mirrors41
Taik Orc CaptainForest of Mirrors44
Taik Orc ShamanForest of Mirrors43
Taik Orc WarriorForest of Mirrors42
Tainted ZombieSchool of Dark Arts80
Thunder WyrmDragon Valley54
Timiniel's EscortEnchanted Vally79
TorfeCruma Tower57
Trisalim SpiderSea of Spores80
Trisalim TarantulaSea of Spores80
TrivesForbidden Gateway63
TulbenBlazing Swamp80
UnicornEnchanted Vally74
Unicorn ElderEnchanted Vally80
Unpleasant HummingCave of Trials80
ValidusCruma Tower54
Valley TreantEnchanted Vally73
Valley Treant ElderEnchanted Vally79
Veelan BugbearRuins of Despair23
Veelan Bugbear WarriorRuins of Despair24
WyrmDeath Pass35
YintzuGiants Cave56
ZakenDevil's Isle80
Zombie SoldierRuins of Despair19
Zombie WarriorRuins of Despair22
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