Illicit Awakening
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Class:Orc Fighter
Total Skills:40
Total SP:10,000,000

Level 10
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
1Weight Limit10Passive
1Expertise C20Passive

Level 50
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
5Weapon Mastery10Passive
5Armor Mastery10Passive
5Power Strike10Active
5Power Strike20Active
5Power Strike30Active
5Iron Punch10Active
5Iron Punch20Active
5Iron Punch30Active

Level 100
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
10Weapon Mastery20Passive
10Armor Mastery20Passive
10Armor Mastery30Passive
10Power Strike40Active
10Power Strike50Active
10Power Strike60Active
10Iron Punch40Active
10Iron Punch50Active
10Iron Punch60Active

Level 150
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
15Weapon Mastery30Passive
15Armor Mastery40Passive
15Armor Mastery50Passive
15Power Strike70Active
15Power Strike80Active
15Power Strike90Active
15Iron Punch70Active
15Iron Punch80Active
15Iron Punch90Active

Level 520
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
52Expertise B30Passive

Level 610
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
61Expertise A40Passive

Level 760
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
76Expertise S50Passive

Level 8010,000,000
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
80Weight Limit20Passive
80Blessing of Level 8070Passive
80Combat Experience12,500,000Passive
80Battle Experience12,500,000Passive
80Illicit Awakening15,000,000Passive

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