Illicit Awakening
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Class:Orc Shaman
Total Skills:80
Total SP:0

Level 200
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
20Weapon Mastery30Passive
20Robe Mastery50Passive
20Robe Mastery60Passive
20Anti Magic50Passive
20Anti Magic60Passive
20Stun Attack10Active
20Stun Attack20Active
20Stun Attack30Active
20Boost Mana10Passive
20Quick Recovery10Passive
20Dreaming Spirit30Active
20Life Drain30Active
20Seal of Poison10Active
20Frost Flame10Active
20Chant of Life10Active

Level 250
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
25Weapon Mastery40Passive
25Weapon Mastery50Passive
25Robe Mastery70Passive
25Robe Mastery80Passive
25Anti Magic70Passive
25Anti Magic80Passive
25Stun Attack40Active
25Stun Attack50Active
25Stun Attack60Active
25Fast Spell Casting10Passive
25Fast Mana Recovery10Passive
25Dreaming Spirit40Active
25Life Drain40Active
25Blaze Quake10Active
25Aura Sink10Active
25Seal of Binding10Active
25Chant of Life20Active
25Soul Cry30Toggle

Level 300
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
30Weapon Mastery60Passive
30Weapon Mastery70Passive
30Robe Mastery90Passive
30Robe Mastery100Passive
30Anti Magic90Passive
30Anti Magic100Passive
30Stun Attack70Active
30Stun Attack80Active
30Stun Attack90Active
30Boost Mana20Passive
30Quick Recovery20Passive
30Dreaming Spirit50Active
30Life Drain50Active
30Seal of Poison20Active
30Frost Flame20Active
30Chant of Life30Active
30Seal of Chaos10Active

Level 350
IconLevelSkill NameLevelSPType
35Weapon Mastery80Passive
35Weapon Mastery90Passive
35Robe Mastery110Passive
35Robe Mastery120Passive
35Anti Magic110Passive
35Anti Magic120Passive
35Stun Attack100Active
35Stun Attack110Active
35Stun Attack120Active
35Fast Mana Recovery20Passive
35Fast HP Recovery10Passive
35Dreaming Spirit60Active
35Life Drain60Active
35Blaze Quake20Active
35Aura Sink20Active
35Seal of Binding20Active
35Chant of Life40Active
35Soul Cry40Toggle
35Seal of Chaos20Active
35Seal of Slow10Active

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