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Item Name
Adamantite Earring
Adamantite Necklace
Adamantite Nugget
Adamantite Ring
Basic Demon Tattoo - Archer Edition
Basic Demon Tattoo - Blunt Edition
Basic Demon Tattoo - Dagger Edition
Basic Demon Tattoo - Dualsword Edition
Basic Demon Tattoo - Healer Edition
Basic Demon Tattoo - Mage Edition
Basic Demon Tattoo - Polearm Edition
Basic Demon Tattoo - Sword Edition
Basic Demon Tattoo - Tank Edition
Basic Demon Tattoo - Tyrant Edition
Basic Demon Tattoo - Warrior Edition
Blazing Volcanic Powder
Blood Tornado - Focus
Blood Tornado - Haste
Bloody Orchid - Focus
Bloody Orchid - Quick Recovery
Blue Crystal
Blue Seal Stone
Bow of Peril - Guidance
Bow of Peril - Might
Branch of The Mother Tree - Acumen
Branch of The Mother Tree - Health
Carnage Bow - Berserker Spirit
Carnage Bow - Quick Recovery
Coarse Bone Powder
Crystal: S Grade
Cyan Crystal
Damascus*Damascus - Berserker Spirit
Damascus*Damascus - Critical Damage
Dark Crystal Boots - Heavy Armor
Dark Crystal Boots - Light Armor
Dark Crystal Boots - Robe
Dark Crystal Breastplate
Dark Crystal Gaiters
Dark Crystal Gloves - Heavy Armor
Dark Crystal Gloves - Light Armor
Dark Crystal Gloves - Robe
Dark Crystal Helmet
Dark Crystal Leather Armor
Dark Crystal Robe
Dark Crystalline Leggings
Dark Elven Long Bow - Critical Damage
Dark Elven Long Bow - Health
Dark Legion's Edge - Critical Damage
Dark Legion's Edge - Focus
Dark Legion's Edge - Health
Dasparion's Staff - Acumen
Dasparion's Staff - Mana Up
Demon's Sword
Demon's Sword - Critical Power
Dragon Grinder - Evasion
Dragon Grinder - Guidance
Dragon Grinder - Health
Dragon Slayer - Critical Damage
Dragon Slayer - Health
Earring of Binding
Earring of Protection
Elemental Sword - Empower
Elven Earring
Elven Necklace
Elven Ring
Elysian - Anger
Elysian - Health
Gemstone of Insolence
Great Sword - Focus
Greater Demon Tattoo - Mage Edition
Greater Tattoo of Acumen - Left
Greater Tattoo of Acumen - Right
Greater Tattoo of Agility - Right
Greater Tattoo of Anger - Left
Greater Tattoo of Anger - Right
Greater Tattoo of Berserker Spirit - Left
Greater Tattoo of Berserker Spirit - Right
Greater Tattoo of Critical Power - Left
Greater Tattoo of Death Whisper - Left
Greater Tattoo of Death Whisper - Right
Greater Tattoo of Empower - Left
Greater Tattoo of Empower - Right
Greater Tattoo of Focus - Left
Greater Tattoo of Focus - Right
Greater Tattoo of Guidance - Right
Greater Tattoo of Haste - Left
Greater Tattoo of Haste - Right
Greater Tattoo of Iron Berserker Spirit - Left
Greater Tattoo of Iron Berserker Spirit - Right
Greater Tattoo of Magic Shield - Left
Greater Tattoo of Magic Shield - Right
Greater Tattoo of Might - Left
Greater Tattoo of Might - Right
Greater Tattoo of Rage - Left
Greater Tattoo of Recovery - Left
Greater Tattoo of Recovery - Right
Greater Tattoo of Shield - Left
Greater Tattoo of Shield - Right
Greater Tattoo of The Body - Right
Greater Tattoo of The Soul - Right
Green Crystal
Green Seal Stone
Halberd - Haste
Healing Potion
Keshanberk*Damascus - Health
Keshanberk*Keshanberk - Guidance
Keshanberk*Keshanberk - Haste
Kris - Focus
Lava Wyrm Fang
Magic Powder
Material: S Grade
Meteor Shower - Focus
Mold Glue
Mold Hardener
Mold Lubricant
Moonstone Shard
Nassen's Earring
Near Forest Necklace
Necklace of Binding
Necklace of Mermaid
Necklace of Protection
Orange Crystal
Oriharukon Ore
Phoenix Earring
Phoenix Necklace
Phoenix Ring
Purple Crystal
Recipe: Adventurer Frame (60%)
Recipe: Maestro Holder
Recipe: Refined Steel S
Recipe: Refined Warsmith Holder
Recipe: Varnish of Purity
Recipe: Warsmith's Holder
Red Crystal
Red Seal Stone
Ring of Ages
Ring of Binding
Ring of Protection
Samurai Long Sword*Samurai Long Sword
Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade A)
Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade B)
Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade C)
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade B)
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade C)
Silver Nugget
Soul Bow - Anger
Soul Bow - Critical Damage
Soul Bow - Health
Soul Bow - Might
Soul Bow - Quick Recovery
Soul Separator - Critical Power
Soul Separator - Guidance
Soul Separator - Haste
Soul Separator - Health
Steel of The Highest Grade
Stone of Purity
Sword of Damascus - Haste
Sword of Miracles - Acumen
Tallum Blade
Tallum Blade - Anger
Tallum Blade - Haste
Tallum Blade*Tallum Blade
Tallum Glaive - Guidance
Tallum Glaive - Haste
Tallum Glaive - Health
Tear of Holy Spirit
Yellow Sapphire
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